Christoper Stone

Christopher Stone is a sculptor who creates creatures that are playful or intimidating, real or  fantastical, and possessing the personality we encounter in the animals we see around us. He observes the dynamism and the fleeting energy of the natural world, and gives it immortality by casting it in durable materials like steel and bronze. 

A colossal giant crab stands its ground. Pincers aloft in a defensive position and six legs locked into the ground. What this steel sentry is ready to fight or defend against is unknown, but I shan’t be tackling it given it’s the size of a minibus and its sharp angular joints are menacing.

At the other end of the portfolio is a stretching hound. All sleek curves, the temptation is to stroke this bronze creature and give it a scratch on the head. It’s as docile and playful as the crab is intimidating. 

Christopher also loves to craft the fantastical as unicorns rise from the floor like horned chess pieces and an anthropomorphised canine sits on his luggage -- displaying a distinctively human pose as he awaits his transport to a new destination. 

Whether his sculptures are real or imagined, there’s a spark of magic to his menagerie. As if these representations of life could come alive at a moment’s notice and wander back into the wilderness. 


Rhyan Paul

Documenting the decline of Western Civilisation since 1989....

I've been a music industry professional and photographer for a very long time. I shoot film and digital on a wide range of formats depending on my mood, level of laziness or the clients requirements.  Originally from the UK, I spent ten years living in Miami before embarking on a five year world tour, upon my return I moved back to the UK before making Ibiza my permanent home. 

When not taking photos on the street, I also undertake commercial, social documentary and portrait commissions.  At weekends I like taking my Leica baby for long hikes whilst obsessing over new and vintage camera equipment.


Some of my past of current clients include: British Aerospace, Redline Racing, Metalheadz, Goldie, Groovejet USA and my work has appeared in publications including: Miami New Times, Sur La Terre, Mixer, Loaded, Porsche and most of the despicable Redtops.

That's about it really.....

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